10 Tips for Fashion Photography

10 Tips for Fashion Photography by Alejandro Huerta - Mexico

MEXICO – Alejandro Huerta, a Mexican photographer who’s passionate about fashion, He loves photography. he said, in this means, he was able to express what he feels that creates a lot of ideas, what he sees, what he imagines, he sees through photography, there is not a moment in which, he always trying to capture a moment, do wedding, commercial, portrait photography, but fashion photography really fascinates him.

Alejandro shares what he knows base in his experience in fashion photography. He also encourages the young artist to learn things often out of ignorance for them to grow and explore the passion within themselves. Here are some tips from Alejandro:

  1. Understands fashion

 Fashion photography is an industry in which there is a lot of competition and it is a world where exclusivity and glamor are very much appreciated, so you will need to have knowledge in the world of fashion, such as designers, brands, icons, terminology. and industry news to say some.

  1. Inspire yourself

 For any photographer who wants to enter the fashion industry, you need inspiration, so you should see the work of others, recognized photographers in the middle, reading fashion magazines is also a very effective way to get inspired, so you’re going to have to read many magazines, search images on the web, Pinterest is an excellent platform where you can find many images to inspire you, analyze the lighting, framing, setting, this will help you a lot when developing your idea. visit my board in Models Culture Pinterest

  1. Develop the concept

 Once you have planned your project, start sketching, define the type of lighting you are going to choose, whether it will be outdoors or in a studio, what profile the model should have, the type of make-up and costumes that you will occupy. , you have to be very clear about what you want to communicate, where you want the viewer to focus their attention, for example, if the important thing is clothing, then do not use accessories or very exotic make-up, if you are going to highlight accessories such as bags, then the clothes must be very sober.

  1. Know the color

 It seems an unimportant element, but it is one of the most important things, knowing which color palette you are going to use in the session helps a lot in the final result, you can give a guide to the makeup artist and you can make perfect combinations of clothes, accessories, and accessories 

  1. Connect with the model

 Having an excellent communication with the model makes you feel comfortable and expressed as you wish during the development of the session so that there is no tension environment and your performance will be more fluid and pose according to what you need.

  1. Exploits the location

Whether in study or outdoors you should be aware of all the possibilities that your location can offer you, if it is a study, try to take advantage of the benefits it provides, such as controlling light better, if it is outside pay attention to the whole environment, sometimes the least thoughtful places are the best.

  1. Practice, practice and practice.

There is nothing better that makes you better than practicing, practicing and practicing. Being in constant activity teaches you mistakes and details that you will be polished over time, practice different types of lighting, place it in different directions, experiment, do not limit yourself, so you can be more effective when making your sessions.

  1. Organize

Once you are backing your photos on the computer, organize them, by date, type of project, etc. this will help you have a better workflow.

  1. Prepare for a good retouch

 Delivering quality work requires knowledge of photo retouching, the quality of delivery of your photographs speaks a lot about the dedication you focus on, observes a lot of details, sharpens your eyesight, having a tablet and a good monitor for retouching help to deliver better results.

  1. Update yourself

 The fashion industry is very changing and constantly updated, so you should be aware of the latest trends, new talents, catwalks, and events of designers, be updated is a huge advantage in this industry.

So now you have the Tips from Alejandro as a guidance for you, young artist. Visit Modelsculture.com  to view some works of Alejandro.





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