An Engineer to Modeling Career

Isaac Moreno on Models Culture Magazine Issue 6 covered by Leandro Mariano Miguel from Argentina.

My life is very simple … Rest, I go to the gym and maintain a personalized diet that helps me maintain my physique throughout the year and thus be prepared for any type of work. I love the gym … I train 2 hours from Monday to Saturday and I go to the gym of a lifetime, a small one in my neighborhood where I train with my friends forever. When I am away I miss it a lot because although there are better and bigger gyms, none like home, because we are like a family and the training becomes more fun.

Isaac Moreno on Models Culture

I am a very simple person who grew up in a humble neighborhood of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain … I finished my studies with 21 years and started working as an engineer for an American company … I was 15 years working for them, and never I did some model work, I didn’t even think about it … But in November 2018 I was unemployed, without money, to zero … So it occurred to me to open Instagram and start publishing some photos … For me Surprise I started to write photographers and in a short time they selected me as an image for an Australian underwear firm … They called me from Madrid where I did other work as a model and being there an agency in Turkey became interested in me … So I decided to go to Istanbul where I worked for 3 months for Damman Agency, where I trained as a professional model and had the opportunity to learn a lot from my colleagues with great experience in this profession.

Isaac Moreno on Models Culture Magazine Issue 6

I traveled to Milan, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and upon returning to my homeland I have had the opportunity to do several jobs with the support of my people and my family. Now I have several offers from Milan, Miami, India, Mexico … and all in just 9 months exercising this profession. I never thought that I could dedicate myself to this and less that I could live from it, but I have been fortunate to find wonderful people who have believed in me and now I am eager and excited. I am not a young man of 20 years, I started on this with 37, and although some people may think that I am older for it, I have realized that age does not matter if you have wanted and excited with you … I am already 38 years old and I think I am at the best time to face everything that may come to me. I may not have the same opportunities as a 20-year-old, but I believe in myself and I know that the opportunities will come and I will take advantage of them. I love cinema, football, basketball and gym … but above all I love my profession and I will dedicate myself to it as much as possible, which I hope is a lot.

Isaac Moreno on Models Culture

Fashion is life … I am a baby in this world, but I have realized that everyone likes fashion … Every person in their own style, but everyone has their tastes, their preferences .. And fortunately today, every person has the freedom to be as he is, and this includes the way of dressing. I think that nobody goes badly dressed, because each person has their tastes … but in the end, everyone looks in the mirror every morning before leaving home … Everyone likes to go out and buy some garment, whether tennis, shoes, shirts, swimsuits …. it doesn’t matter … each person has their own style … and this is what makes this world wonderful, who will always see people who take out something new, like it or not … but that’s fashion … and that’s life.





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