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“For so long, too many talents and artists have suffered from rejection but #IAMfashionculture is finally here”.


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“For so long, too many talents and artists have suffered from rejection but #IAMfashionculture is finally here”.

Jonath Aquino

Looking back, the signs were all there. The dreamers live on their passion with fierce motivation and determination from their childhood. As they grow up, they find their path unto their dreams. The dreamers embraced so many sacrifices and challenges, but the journey has never stopped. Alas! The industry has finally welcome them. They are the fashion models!

As an aspiring model, they started as spectators of runway shows and photoshoots and subscribers of YouTube and other social media platforms. Some of them watching America’s Next Top Model as a kid, and assumed that the fashion industry — and modeling in particular — was a superficial, hyper-critical, even toxic environment. Seeing women so callously evaluated on their appearance reinforced the idea that there were rigid expectations for how a model should look, their excitement tainted with the fear that all these stereotypes would turn out to be true. But along the way, a deeper sense of self – love started to build up.

Fortunately, they are full of hope to reach their career and passion at the maximum possibility. At some point, they think that persistence will be dismantled barriers in general on how to get a modelling career and others within the industry. Some of them created a plan for themselves and follow their dream and chased them, to become successful is not easy. One has to be grounded and has a strong mind so fear or doubt will not get in the way. One has to do research and continue the chosen journey.

The fashion industry was much less diverse in terms of many aspects such as sizes, heights, skin, race, fitness, beauty, popularity, etc., which is respectively their standard. That says, the industry is still quite exclusive and elitist, especially if you look at the top models. Some depends on the requirement and their standard, which creates a huge impact on aspiring individuals.

 Image/modelsculture magazine issue 4

Most of those dreamers asking on why diversity is important and how to be inclusive in an effective way. When it comes to modeling, most brands put their artist in their campaigns because they deserve the message of inclusion and body positivity. #IAMfashionculture speak up about the lack of inclusion, and the tokenism that still exists. “If a piece of art is never seen, it is never existing. Isn’t it? It was the wisdom or philosophy of the fashion world since its birth. It is the point of discovery that makes or breaks any artist’s career, and it is heart breaking when talent not discovered, and an artist loses hopes. We have seen this repeatedly, and it bangs the brutality of the fashion world. When a model or an artist puts themselves out there, it is about believing they are on the edge of something success and beautiful. Moreover, we stand by you in this belief. You are a unique individual offering a unique creativity that someone, somewhere required for, to complete something fabulous work. This is why Models Culture exist and this is what we all about.” Says Jonath.

Robin Ghivan – Fashion Editor/

Once stated by the Washington post fashion critic Ms. Robin Givhan on our first issue “If you’re selling fashion that is meant to be edgy, and subversive and rebellious, you pretty much don’t want someone who looks like, your next door neighbor’s debutant daughter. If you’re trying to sell something that is meant to be super sexy, you don’t want someone who looks like the soloist in a church choir… Pretty is not at the edges, pretty is right in the middle. So, for designer who is looking for, let’s say, a model to really represent a brand, you want that face to be memorable. A model is a rarefied creature. He or she is a fluke of genetics and timing and pop-culture enthusiasm.” she stated on “Why models Are Not Pretty”?. A lot of stylists now are eager to learn how to dress different body types, and the ones who aren’t won’t last long in this industry as it continues to become more inclusive.

Models Culture Magazine Issue 1

#IAMfashionculture a campaign by model culture that addresses fashion industries to take a look of what talents has, and how amazing these individuals. #IAMfashionCulture reflected with no barriers to foster, Similarly, Models Culture embodied different nation, colors, talents, skills, and race. That is why we called it Culture of Models. This culture exists in fashion world, with many craft and entity that bound to work together for a great output. It encourages talent to go along their dreams and keep the spirit free, weather it is your passion or a hobby you deserved something beautiful to show up the world fashion of how creative you are and how amazing your passion is.

“We believe that the fashion industry is incompetent and insufficient without these amazing talents. We are a platform for all fashion models, photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, stylists, models, creation and Designers to be showcase and published. We only want the world to see your potential and your personality. We are doing our bit by fostering a community of support. We started with to featuring the best of your piece online and magazine, which for many, will be the start of their portfolio.” Jonath.

Models Culture Call to support #IAMfashionculture hashtag

Join us the campaign of belongingness and inclusion. This is your culture, this is your passion and this is your world. Use #IAMfashionculture, #modelsculture hashtag, and mentioned @models.culture to support the campaign at the least means. Fashion is for EVERYONE and each one of you has the unique characteristic to some point is important. Show the world of your great skills and talent. Build your career and keep going. Surely, Models Culture will support your path and journey. To know more about us, please visit our website Get featured and promoted by filling our submission form.





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