Aspiring Model of New Jersey, A Ghanaian passionate Eugenia.

NEW JERSEY - A Ghana national Eugenia showed up on Models Culture Instagram this week. Eugenia is a junior high school student.

NEW JERSEY – A Ghana national Eugenia showed up on Models Culture Instagram this week.  Eugenia is a junior high school student. she always loved modeling. Though she have not taken professional photos yet or any experience in fashion shoot, she dream so in the future while she explore the world of fashion. Modeling helps her have a sense of confidence and stardom. She want to make her family proud and be able to help them. Eugenia want to put her country on the map among recognizable entity with their passion. “I am not doing it for myself but for my family and all of Africa . I would love yo be a world renowned Supermodel, by God’s grace.” Eugenia express her love.

Eugenia claimed to be the first generation Ghanaian American. Meaning my parents were born in Ghana, West Africa. As they are learning to survive in such a foreign place and her siblings and she is learning as well. “Nothing comes and easy and we were not raised with the most money. But something we always kept close of us was our faith in God.” she added. According to her “All of our struggles and burdens we gave to God and we were able to prosper through.”





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