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The Issue 7


Makeup Artistry


RUSSIA – Lana Lion a professional Make Up Artist, a positive person with four years’ experience, based in St.Petersburg. Lana has the creative approach to appearance and use non-traditional flashy colors.

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Britney Newman

USA – A retired veteran and went to the Army to have the finances to pay for my education in sewing. She have been sewing since middle school. Because of her unable to afford trendy clothes, it push her up in creating the “IT Girl” for her brand.

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He affirms that every day, every collection and every client is always a blessing. A big part of his designing process is a tribute, a homage to the Amazing Creator!

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Susan Ventura Chavez

MEXICO – Fashion designer Susana Ventura Mx is a Mexican custom made and ready to wear brand originally from Tabasco, Mexico.

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