One of those annoying woman who looks good in everything

Canadian Model Katelyn Daniher is one of those annoying woman who looks good in everything while moving between casual to high fashion dress.

Fashion to me is how an individual express themselves. There are so many styles I am into; it really depends on how you rock your look!

Canadian Model Katelyn Daniher

Canadian Model Katelyn Daniher is one of those annoying woman who looks good in everything. While moving between casual to high fashion dress. And she does it all in life’s dreaded middle stages. Now she is 27 (!), Atta let age become no excuse to make nondescript skirt and a miscellaneous colorful dress his go-to uniform or Ink Art in her body.

Canadian Model Katelyn Daniher Photo by @syddhollphoto

To that end, Katelyn’s doing a heroic job of demonstrating that the young guns are the only ones who can enjoy picking women wear’s ripest fruit. And, if we’re even a tenth as cool as Katelyn in decades to come, we’ll be very happy indeed. “I am a 27-year-old Canadian business owner and model. I own a beauty bar servicing women with lashes and spray tans. I love inspiring women and making them feel beautiful! I hope to see the world and work in different countries getting the opportunity to meet new and amazing people.” Katelyn said.

Canadian Model Katelyn Daniher Photo by @kpjmphoto

I started off trying programs in University and Colleges and they just weren’t for me. I spent a ton of money trying to figure out what I would even like to do for a career. It took years until I enrolled in Beauty School dreaming to be a top hair stylist. I was so inspired by a fellow classmate who entered into all these hair shows and got to travel while doing what she loved. She ended up using me as a model for a few of her entries and I completely changed my mind and for good! I knew I wanted to model and get to be behind the camera. It was such a thrill having my whole look changed and seeing the after shots. From there I found more opportunities getting to model for other top salons and ever since graduating school I deciding I wanted to be my own boss. I started up my own lash bar and was fully booked with clients within two weeks and was about to quit my salon job and get the chance to finally do what I love.”

Model Katelyn Daniher Photo by @hershelterfromthestorm

Katelyn Daniher appeared in Models Culture Magazine Issue 5 where she showcased her works including her skin art with ink to inspire many. Visit, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and follow us for more updates.





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