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In supporting independent clothing companies you are still helping to save the planet and support creative people

“I believe that right now the most important element of the fashion industry is its focus on sustainability. With global warming being a growing threat, recycling and ethically sourcing materials to combat fast fashion is so important right now. And I can tell in society at the moment especially with young people, being environmentally friendly is a huge selling point. You can still dress fashionable and keep up with trends, but in supporting independent clothing companies you are still helping to save the planet and support creative people.”

~Charlie Cowap

Whoever coined the terminally unfunny phrase ‘Study first before anything’ clearly didn’t foresee the model-turned-professional thing because, as Isaac Charlie Cowap proves, passion and good looks make an excellent pairing. In an extremely unlikely move, Cowap (who was previously best known for a studious) has become female modelling’s answer to Oxygen Model Management.

Charlie Cowap on Models Culture

In giving the world an insight into his career, Cowap has busted the myth that a model’s sustenance is all pretty face, early working hard and out of school career. Oh, and she does all this while still getting a degree beforehand, leaving us with no excuse to say we’re too busyat school. Thanks Charlie.

Charlie Cowap on Models Culture Magazine 6

Hi I’m Charlie, 21, and I’ve recently graduated university with a first class Film & Television Production degree. Currently I am a signed model with Oxygen Model Management and my dream is to make it a full time profession, travel the world and continue to meet incredibly creative people. It is amazing to be able to express who you are from the medium of photography and fashion; I enjoy it immensely.

Charlie Cowap on Models Culture

My journey with modelling began in my third year of university. Alongside my studies I managed to grow my portfolio and become part of the lovely fashion community in Yorkshire. In 2019 I was a leading model in York Fashion week, showcasing the most expensive dress ever made in my runway debut (the spider dress by Scott Henshall). Since then I have been in over 10+ magazines, worked for prestigious northern companies such as Betty’s, while working freelance and writing my dissertation simultaneously. Since graduating I’ve signed with a London agency, walked 4 London Fashion Week shows and am very excited for what the future holds. You really can put your mind to anything with determination and hard work.

Charlie Cowap appeared on Models Culture Magazine Issue 6. View this issue on magazine page or Download our free mobile app. For more featured fashion talents from around the globe, visit our social media profiles.





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