Donavin Logan

I love music, photography, fashion and arts. Stated by the 6 footer Canadian Model on models culture.

CANADA – Donavin Logan, a fashion model who loves music, fashion and arts. He stand 6’0″, 31 waist, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, 11 shoes size. In his journey as model he express himself a self motivated dreamer. Here are some things you would love to know about Donavin Logan:

“There are a lot of things I love about modeling. First would be the traveling. I have an opportunity to travel the world and meet people from all different cultures and backgrounds, I’ve met so many amazing people already, I love it. Second, it’s an opportunity for me to really push myself physically and see what I am capable of accomplishing with my body. I always planned on being an athletic trainer or doing something within training, this is a chance for me to focus my training on myself and see what I can do. Third, there is no ceiling in the modeling industry.

You can make absolutely no money as a working model, or on the flip side you can make ridiculous money, you just don’t know what kind of jobs are going to come your way. That both scares and excites me. And fourth I would say modeling is a great platform to positively impact people. Many models have huge social media followings; I see that as an opportunity to use your following in a positive way to help people.

There isn’t a whole lot to keep you motivated in this industry outside of yourself. My family and friends are supportive which helps, but there are so many ups and downs in this industry. I see models quitting right and left because they can’t handle the stress of the industry. The thing that keeps me going is never being content. I know every day that I can be better, and I know agencies see that in me and I truly believe it will take me far in this industry. I also don’t compare myself to other people within the industry. A lot of models will say they aren’t as good looking, in shape, pretty, tall…etc as someone else and end up going crazy thinking that way.

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