Hans Wiener

And I love curling up in front of a hearth with a blazing fire and a good book. So I’m going to stay swimming.

NEW YORK — Hans grew in Park City, Utah in a small ski town that worships powder skiing and independent films. From there he always loved the entertainment industry and wanted to be someone who gave back in forms of art and creative expression. From Pro Skier to Poet and English Major he wants to be as graceful and eloquent so my artistic movement speaks for itself.

His story tells a lot of inspiration to the youngest artist. The value of determination and self-instinct to pursue a dream from a dream. braver than what you think is more courageous than nothing. Here are some of his story:

“As long as 8 can remember I’ve always down my own thing and stuck up for my beliefs. That’s not always easy when your close friends don’t agree. In College, I didn’t join a Fraternity and found myself to be some sort of social pyriah. When I quit my “real job” on wall st to pursue what I love everyone I knew looked at me like I was crazy and didn’t expect but wanted me to fail so I could crawl back to them with my tail between my legs. As a pro skier, there is so much competition that you lose close friends to the system and it never gets easier. As a pro skier I e seen my best friends taken down by injury in front of my eyes and had to be there for them as they looked at their broken bones, dangling by bloody sinew and tell them it was going to be okay as the ski patrol and I boarded them to the gurney and skied to the ambulance parked thousands of feet below.

One of my hardest and most life-affirming struggles was a normal day fishing with my dad. The waves picked up and we ended getting struck by a rogue wave. Our boat capsized almost immediately and we literally had to swim for our lives. We’re in the Atlantic ocean in October and it’s freezing cold. I can’t find my dad and the worst is coming true. Fortunately, another boat saw us and radioed into shore, but couldn’t help us because the waves were too high around us. After getting to the other side of the upside-down boat I found my dad shivering and different. I had to help him snap out of it and swim for land. After what seemed like a lifetime a police boat came into view. Back in the ambulance, my body temperature was 88 degrees Fahrenheit, 96 is the norm and they worry about death from hypothermia anything below 94. I used that moment as a reminder in life, swim or sink and die in the cold water. And I love curling up in front of a hearth with a blazing fire and a good book. So I’m going to stay swimming.

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