How this Filipino Tattoo model/enthusiast inspired by Ink

When I was a kid, my first pet was a turtle, whom I used to be with all day long. Its my way of remembering this through tattooing.

A good tattoo model inspires well, but a great art sets them: that’s exactly what gives Von Arriola the edge in tattooing from simple to adorable image while possessing the inspiration on tattoo. If you find it too dirty on skin, well the story and how you place it matters. Translating tattoo trends into fashion you’d actually want to have is Von’s modus operandi, so anyone with an ounce of sense should have their eyes narrowed in search of this Tattoo Model during fashion show.

Von Arriola by Randel Daquiz Photography

He’s something of a menswear polymath in that he looks just as good in a simple as a street guy’s neighborhood, but the thing you should really look to steal is his eye for details. Whether it’s a mix of fabrics, a clash of smart and casual or some statement accessories, Von’s a pro at the little things that take your outfit with expressive tattoo to the next level.

Von Arriola by Randel Daquiz Photography

Von Arriola, a Filipino born tattoo enthusiast. He is currently an OFW based in Saudi Arabia. Von in his journey to support family needs serve as an inspiration to many young artist to work hard and dream more. Tattoo for Von is something that he owe to remember someone or something that has been a part of his life. Having a tattoo for Von, is a fashion and an art that tells a story for naked eye who easily captured the object itself and its meaningful story.

Von Arriola by Randel Daquiz Photography

“When I was a kid, my first pet was a turtle, whom I used to be with all day long. It creates a lovely significance about caring and being animal lover. It was a great day for me spending time with the turtle. In fact I have learned a lot about their existence, their growth and their behavior. It feels so happy having this turtle as what they called my best friend. Not so long ago, one day my pet took by my parents away from me and never seen the turtle. I asked them why, Mom said it’s a bad luck to have a pet -Turtle in the house. It was so sad and each day I remembering my pet until I have his picture on my skin after a decade.”





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