Passion makes life happy – Irene

“The first tattoo for me was a sort of liberation and as those increased, I felt myself and I finally saw myself as I wanted to be”

Italy – a 24-year-old Italian girl and the owner of the place called Mandrake in Padua, near Venice. Irene started working at a very young age of 14 and this creates a wave to make it her passion. Creating drinks, studying its details, and finding the right balance makes her feel like a little chemist. But among her biggest passions there is also one for ink. It’s everything, it’s all about the world of tattoos and body modification. When she turned 18, she had her tattoo. Yes, obviously done without the knowledge of her parents and on second week after the first one, she had another tattoo until it became addiction. According to Irene now at 24, “I am already with a good part of the protected body, sometimes I would like to be bigger physically to be able to make them stay longer.”

Irene Maniero

We do asked Irene about her Future outlook. “I think my life goal will be obvious, trivial and it is to be happy, my goal is to live happily. I am still young but I realize that the more years gone by, the more difficult life is. I think we are losing the true values like that of family, or marriage. Today’s boys of my age, they no longer think about it. Most of them think of earning likes on Instagram or keeping up with the latest fashion, they don’t understand that there isn’t one in life” Irene.

Irene consider herself a very stubborn and determined person. She always tries to get what she wants, so she works hardly on things to do. Irene also express her tattoos as a passion of will as those ink art inspires her each day to do more in life and works better. Her passion for tattoos where she can’t remember having a precise birth that the world has always fascinated her. She’s always been a particular child attracted to things that people thought strange. “The first tattoo for me was a sort of liberation and as those increased, I felt myself and I finally saw myself as I wanted to be” Irene added.

Irene Maniero

To think that tattooing is one of the most beautiful ways of carrying art around and letting people know about different styles because as much as a tattoo can disgust someone. However, they will talk about it and that style will continue to give voice and Irene is loudly proud to have indelible art on her body. “I believe that fashion in the beginning was born fundamentally to give each one his own character. Just look at the small tailors that we still find in the corners of the cities, you’ll see them in every different item of clothing.” Irene.

Irene Maniero

“My opinion about fashion industry, I think, this thing has been misrepresented over the years. We all dress in the same way and few people try to have clothing that respects their character. Nobody stands out from the crowd anymore, coz we all follow the wave. I have to be honest it makes me sad, after all the world is beautiful because it is varied.” Irene expressively stated her opinions about fashion industry.

Irene Maniero appeared in Models Culture Instagram where he showcased his works including his skin art with ink to inspire many. visit, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and follow us for more updates.





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