Define your passion, and truly go for it ~ Kiah

Define your passion, and truly go for it. You don't have to carry the best camera kit to be a photographer.

If you have a love for something, you should do it. You can make it work. No matter how small the town you live in is, no matter the limits placed on you. Define your passion, and truly go for it. You don’t have to carry the best camera kit to be a photographer. You just need to have the vision, and you need to understand the artistry that goes into it. Never burn bridges. Be polite and kind to your models. Focus on what you love, love what you do. Fashion is personal. Fashion is an extension of your personality.

Kiah Mott – Photographer USA
All Moss Photgraphy with Model Terin Leigh

Despite being one of the most passionate instinct attitude in photography, Kiah Mott is not one for excessive self-promotion. So while kiah’s lenses adjusted and bold trigger vague recognition, for most Kiah’s name probably won’t. Given that Kiah has worked with pretty much every single major models imaginable, the fact that Kiah’s remained a bit of an enigma is as impressive as it is ironic.

All Moss Photgraphy with Model Terin Leigh

But, that’s precisely the sign of a truly great photographer and it’s what makes Kiah a Model’s dream. This way above average American is striking enough to turn heads but malleable enough to avoid oversaturation. Here what to know about Kiah Mott:

My name is Kiah Mott, and I am a photographer based out of Missouri. I believe that fashion is individual, creativity comes from within, and pushing the limit is always better than fitting in. I photograph women primarily, and with each photo shoot, I try my best to make them feel confident, capable and beautiful. I want to help showcase the individuality and diversity of every woman who steps onto my set. I have had girls come in in thrift store dresses and model so skillfully that they look like they are wearing couture. Truly, this industry is about the person, the clothing, and the way that it all comes together, I just have the pleasure of capturing it. Kiah Says.

All Moss Photgraphy with Model Terin Leigh

I started out as a makeup artist and stylist and naturally transitioned into the role of photographer. To this day, I find myself blending eyeshadow on set and adjusting clothing items. I am so thankful to have had all the opportunities I have had. Being based out of the midwest means that I get the unique privilege of capturing the beautiful waterways, fields, and cities here. However, opportunities can be limited. And that is why I have had to craft my own. I can’t say it has always been easy because for years I did not have professional equipment. But I made do with second-hand cameras. I promise you, your passion is accessible. Kiah added.

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