The flock of Meg Biong De Guzman’s Collections at Fashion Runway-ER “The Resumption” 2022

Meg Couture brings you this season the "Spectra Collection" at Fashion Runway ER "The Resumption" along with other fashion designers.

When life is an experience of different cultures (Asian, Arabs, Mixed Nationalities) the aesthetic interpretation becomes richer, colorful and more contemporary both in design and in the ability to interpret needs, desires, memories and perspectives.

Meg Biong De Guzman, an OFW in Riyadh has a career in Finance in a Canadian company. His creations creates waves in the Filipino community may it be in the locality or abroad. His innovative style has a touch of old-fashioned and latest Filipino culture and tradition; he believes that his personalized creations can create reminiscent and longevously pieces in the world of fashion. His wittiness and hard work now reflects and become visible in the ripples of the fashion community.

“Take pride in each masterpiece as it reveals our true values and characters.”

Meg Biong De Guzman

His love for fashion started long time back but his journey to fashion industry started on 2017 when he finally decided to get involved in the community. Consequently, he have dressed up some Filipino models and artists in various events Saudi Arabia, USA, the Philippines, Taiwan, and some part of Europe.

Now, he is pursuing to grow this passion by engaging in a more complex but fulfilling endeavor and continuing to make it big in the fashion industry. Innovating fashion by mixing culture and modern. Bringing into style the custom and tradition.

Since then suits have been staple in men’s fashion collections. However, they usually come in dull color palettes. Breaking this monotony and putting an adventurous twist on this traditional suits, Meg Couture brings you this season the “Spectra Collection”.

Getting aesthetic inspiration from the range of colors of wavelengths, the collection offers crafted contemporary fashion looks. Each ensemble showcases tone-on-tone or one-tone suit highly recognizable by its bold and vibrant color.

This exciting collection parades captivating colours. Each of which carries a deep resonance with human expression.

An innate skill expressed through a burning passion always brings about a distinctive fashion.

Meg Bion De Guzman

Walking along a busy street or attending a certain function with this would certainly be a statement not only of how someone adores fashion but most especially how he imbibes the sense of self. The color may reflect energy, power, strength, confidence, stability and the likes just as how someone presents himself.

This enriching and empowering collection hopes to lighten up too the atmosphere brought by the pandemic. As the creative designer highlights through this amazing “Spectra Collection” the significance of counting our rainbows instead of our storms.

Fashion Runway is a GROUP that will focus mainly to ALL FASHION ICONS here in Middle East specifically in KSA. A typical fashion show, models sway the catwalk dressed in the creations executed by remarkable KSA Designers. It is then up to the audience not only try to understand what the designer is trying to emphasize by the way what the collection is being presented, but to also visually deconstruct each outfit and try to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of every single piece. FRER envision to unite and inspire others creation in the WORLD Of FASHION…





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