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Do You Have What it Takes to Be The Next Top Model?

It is the fourth anniversary of our baby fashion culture community, Models Culture (MC in short). At the height of uncertainties in the modeling industry. MC cast rays of certainty by launching the Models Culture’s Next Top Model, “The People’s Choice Edition” (abbreviated MCNTM and MC Top Model). People’s choice as it is themed, this competition offers so much fun and challenge, as the audience will judge and vote from several models competing for the title of “Models Culture’s Next Top Model.”

According to the executive producer and director of Jonath Aliman, “Purposely designed and simply virtual, this exciting event means to jumpstart the new entries’ modeling career and an arena of broad exposure for the experienced ones catching more attention from prying model scouts. With the hope of showcasing fresh talents and gear-up them up for the next level, Models Culture’s Next Top Model is open for everyone who wishes to join, so all they do is submit their best shots based on the specification given in the rules of the contest.”

This event stands on the pillar principle that beauty is not only on the physical form, for anyone can be a model and represent authentic beauty and art.

In contrast, most people bear the standard-form of a model like lean or muscular, consistent skin tone, beautiful face, and symmetrical limbs in their imagination. This event aims to create a disruptive redefinition of modeling, breaking the rigid rules of styles, designs, poses, and intents and unleashing the powerful spirit of new fashion where figures and disfigures, colors, and discolorations, forms, and deformations are perfections. Traits that one defied and mocked should be a celebration as an expression of the real world.

Director Jonath Aliman

Jonath Aliman authors the competition for‘s fashion culture community. Currently, he is the executive producer of this eMagazine. He launched Models Culture’s Next Top Model on the first week of October 2021 and is segmented into three cycles as elaborated here hereafter. All processes will occur virtually within the platform, where all qualified photos will be displayed in the MCNTM Gallery and voted upon by visitors.

In Cycle 1: Elimination round, which will run from October 18 to 31, any aspiring or experienced model is welcome to submit his photo entry by uploading their portraiture into the platform. It’s open to all models aging 18 years old and above, regardless of gender, race, color, and built. 

In this Cycle, only the first 30 who got the highest votes will proceed to the next Cycle of the competition. The theme and rules for cycles 2 and 3 will be announced once the previous Cycle closes. In Cycle 2, which will run from November 16-30, only the top ten (10) who garnered the highest votes will proceed to the final Cycle. In Cycle 3, which runs from December 16-30, all ten will exert their best effort to get as many votes as they can. Votes from Cycle 1, 2, and 3 will be accounted for together to determine the top three winners; MC’s Next Top Model, first and second runner up. Results will be announced on December 31, 2021. Winners will be featured in special editions of the Models Culture Magazines and will receive a trophy and some gift packages, which will be disclosed later.

Will you be the Models Culture’s Next Top Model?


  1. The People’s Choice edition means that the judges are the viewers of the images of contestants who will vote on pictures based on their judgment.
  2. The contest runs from October 2021 up to December 31, 2021. The last two Cycles of models culture’s Next Top Model start with 30 contestants who are top 30 from Cycle one. 
  3. The votes from the top 30 contenders who made it to Cycle two will remain on the page for reference as these votes will be merged with the Cycle two results for ranking. 
  4. After that, judging will be based on the overall votes of their image for 15 days per Cycle. 
  5. Before the voting starts, the contender will have 15 days of preparation to shoot or follow the theme requirements for the said Cycle after announcing the next Cycle’s theme. 
  6. Only Ten (10) contestants will proceed to Cycle three for another round of photo votes. In this round, the polls of the ten (10) contenders from cycle 1, cycle 2, and Cycle 3 will be merge and get the total to be the standing of the contestant as the final ranking and results.
  7. The voting start date specifies in each Cycle until the end of the said rounds. After the cycle end date, the voting will automatically be disabled, and no one can vote anymore.
  8. The top three contestants are to be declared the winner after the tally of results. Official results also are posted on all media outlets of Models Culture for transparency.
Mood Board for Models Culture’s Next Top Model

The black-and-white Portrait (Cycle 1), which asked the models as their preliminary entry, is the starting point and it is the most extraordinary form of beauty and soul. Join the list before 17th October by uploading your entry portrait and start sharing it. Make sure to follow the guidelines and requirement. Good luck and see you on cycle 3.

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