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2021 Next Top Model came to an end, and with the victory of Eszter on Models Culture's Next Top Model The Peoples Choice Edition.

2021 Next Top Model came to an end, and with the victory of Eszter on Models Culture’s Next Top Model The Peoples Choice Edition, it’s closed the winner list of NTM last year 2021. Recorded 7 Next Top Model Finalist out of 31 contender from around the Globe – an online cyclical modeling contest. The following lists is the winners and finalists from the peoples choice to the best in our version:)

7th Place

Beautiful girl! I like her hard work in the competition and she had great portfolio… Now, I have a lot of favorites—you’ll read more about them in the near future—but Ann stands out for me. This gangly, nervy, self-described “not normal” person glowed with charisma in spite of—or, really because of—her physical awkwardness. Also, she set an Models Culture’s Next Top Model diversity and inclusion Best Photos. Britney, if you’re taking applications for Next Top Best Friend (thank you, myself), I would like to apply too :). Britney ended up at 7th place maybe not because of she’s not so popular, but maybe less people see his stunning works.

6th Place

Actually she’s a great winner and her portfolio was strong but the amount of stunners and potential amazing winners makes her winning look very disappointing. Eluska was just so damn nice. The playful, pretty serious Spanish-born model helped make Cycle 3 a return to form after three shockingly poor, over-the-top seasons. No matter how cynical viewers were, voting Eluska brought up genuine feelings of affection and a desire for her to succeed. (Once, I thought I was sharing an Uber Pool with her, but it turned out to be my overactive imagination.) Eluska placed at 6th this contest and I am wondering why she gets a little votes. I guess it was less engagement maybe. 🙂

5th Place

Only one contestant on Models Culture‘s Next Top Model ever truly crossed the bridge from reality to Top Model—the real “wow, she was on that Competition?” kind of Model—and that’s Priscilla Pereira. Yeah, that was Priscilla. Also, before she was a contestant and then a bonafide bread winner, she was a competitive simple worker. Girl knows what she’s doing. She’s maybe not the edgiest girl and she did not have the unique face unlike other girls but I think Priscilla has modelesque look and more ready to jump in modeling career.. She has ability to rock the fashion industry…

4th Place

His portfolio may not have been the best, but I think he has international appeal,. Great face is his main potential however he have a lot of homework, yes he need to learn his face and give more variety.. Because he looks one note for now… Okay, yes, I’ve said a lot of things about Dominic through to Cycle 3 that I can’t take back, but I cannot regret viewing them because they brought me Dominic Chapman. Dom, was the adorable placer in Models Culture’s Next Top Model, and then became one-half of the Backpacking Boyfriends, whose IG  says a lot with thousands of words to be a model. “Don’t let anyone define you, you define yourself,” reads said on his IG, and if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in a corner crying because Dom’s happiness is all I’ve ever wanted. Dominic lost when Soufiane get the needed votes to moved and win the winning moments.

2nd Runner up

Yes, there were several shockingly poor cycle that fueled Jonath‘s eliminating some contender (not this) But allow me to present one of the only bright spots of those months: Soufiane, a man whose makeover left him half painting :-), like a gorgeous, chisel-jawed warrior, and who still made it work. Even though he was constantly told your not trying hard enough during the (God, those were dark days for Top Model), Soufiane stayed true to his edgy, masculine style, and remains the only reason those cycles were worth viewing. I was really afraid that Soufiane will fall the 3rd cycle because of his busy schedule and it’s just 2 votes to overlap Dominic. Congratulations!

1st Runner Up

His portfolio may not have been the best, but I think he has international appeal to dive on to the 1st Runner up,. While the competition itself may be over, Asyraf’s career is just beginning. The budding model told MC that he hopes to become the next male supermodel and to create an equal space for men in the modeling world.

The Malaysian model becomes the first runner up winner of the contest — following Eszter Egeto, who won Models Culture’s Next Top Model — and the 2nd Asian contestant to compete on the competition. He’s also the final model to land on top after creator and host Jonath Aliman eliminated some contender midway through the cycle. Asyraf quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his tens of thousands supporters, piercing face and charming persona. But he also delivered fierce photos through out the cycles. Congratulations!


Stunning and deserve… That’s it LOL…  I honestly think she has major international appeal, more so than any other winner. She’s the full package! Incredible potential, stunning face, tall great body and sweet personality! I have many favorite in this contest but Eszter really deserve the winning, the only think I complain about her is her image proportion was not full to see her best beauty. (and it’s even not her fault!! Damn you Ramous!)

You have to give Eszter props for being the only person in this contest to frustrate MC so much that the show literally scrubbed all references to her in following cycles. The model went on record about what she says were to pleasing from a 15 year old Model and, well, according to her Mother Erika, “She’s a pretty girl and she’s absolutely not the weakest model in her cycle but I am really disappointed when she poses because this girl so pretty than me?… Why? because many other girl was stronger and had better portfolio than her…  if I remember how the viewers choose her over Asyraf, Dominic, Soufiane, and other contenders just make me mad!!! You nailed it and you broke a legs my daughter. :-)”

Congratulation Eszter Egeto for winning the Models Culture’s Next Top Model – The Peoples Choice Edition. Good luck to your next Journey.

OK, that’s our winner list for this Contest and see you on next competion! A very hit and miss year for top model in general… The cast was full with amazing potential like Germany, Austria, Holland, Asia, Poland, Britain and Australia, however only few of them that people’s choose to be the rightful winners.. hopefully all the winners and all the finalist of NTM 2021 can find their success in the modeling world… Amen! 





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