Passion on Modeling from a Mother in London

In December 2018, she decided to leave France to live in London, Noa Cheret Passion in Modeling from a Mother has finally arrived in England.

London – A French of Beninese, English and Spanish origin, Noa Cheret. A tattoo artist who discovered her passion in photography. It took her interest especially in modeling shoots. About a year or two or experimentation with different types of photography before she found her niche. When she started off, she was interested (like everyone) in landscape and street photography, flowers, as well portraiture. Modeling for Noa is something just like a passion for her. She loves photos where she sees herself just like any model do and its made her inspired to do more.

Model Noa Cheret photograph by Amit Padole

In December 2018, she decided to leave France to live in London, she sold all her stuff and left with her 18-month old daughter and her cat! They arrived in England, and contacted her agency, BAME MODELS, and signed a contract with them. “It was so hard to leave everything, my lairs, my comfort but I’m one of those who think that nothing has nothing, we must make sacrifices to reach our goal, no matter what it will cost us” Noa Says.

Model Noa Cheret photograph by Amit Padole
Model Noa Cheret photograph by Amit Padole

She wishes all moms to know that they are capable of anything! Nothing is impossible, no problem but solutions. Her walks in life intend to succeed and make her daughter proud of her mother someday. As stated earlier, she would really like to emphasize the importance of good parenting and build an inspiration out of it. The turning point was when she took a look on her daughter and that somehow her inspiration, it all shines brightly to do more and continue her passion to achieve pride and love.

Model Noa Cheret photograph by Amit Padole

Read and view more on Noa’s Photograph and works, please visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Noa Appeared in models culture Magazine issue 5.





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