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Everything happened when you follow your heart... at 19 years old I invented a job that didn't exist before.

Miki Vialetto (Castellanza – Varese, Italy – 1971) is an Italian publisher. In 1993 he collaborated in the production of the first issue of Tattoo Review, which was the first Italian publication entirely dedicated to tattoo art. Starting as coordinator, he became editor of the magazine which was translated into five languages and distributed throughout Europe and in the United States. In 1999 he founded the editorial group Media friends, with which he produces the following international and bimonthly magazines: Tattoo Life, Tattoo Energy, Tattoo Italia and Tattoo Special. With Media friends he has also published books – prestigious, monographic editions which are collector’s items – some of which have been shown at the MoMa in New York.

In 2003 he conceived and organized the show Tattoo World at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. From 2004 to 2013 he organized and was the artistic director of the Milano Tattoo Convention. In 2005 he organized the first edition of the London Tattoo Convention, and currently continues as its director. Since 2009 he has been a founding member of Milano City Ink – a tattoo studio and art gallery in Milan – where the TV program Milano City Tattoo is filmed. In 2014 he conceived and organized the show Tattoo Art Today at the Somerset House in London. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry he is among the leading experts in the world of tattooing, often consulted on subject by media such as RAI − Radio Televisione Italiana, il Corriere della Sera, Discovery Channel, The Guardian, BBC, CNN and The Times.


“Everything happened when you follow your heart… at 19 years old I invented a job that didn’t exist before. And after 25 years I was able to organize one of the best Tattoo show in the world, London, or doing one of the most respected magazine in the world Tattoo Life and I was one of the big part of the change of the tattoo worldwide. the secret was always to set up a bigger goal in my life. when I reached a goal wanted to set immediately a higher one… the satisfaction of my journey in my life was always the challenge with myself. Try to challenge myself every single day, try to reach a bigger goal all the time, never get sorry for a fail but learning from it… I think this is the simple secret of any man success.” Miki said.

Miki Vialetto Photo by Claudia Ducalia

A true lover of skin art, travel and motorbikes, in those years beofore tattoo reached the popularity it enjoys today, Miki travelled the world to meet the most celebrated artists and get tattoos by them, forging relationships based on friendship and mutual respect. ~ Tattoolife

Thanks to his experience in the field and expertise he soon became chief editor of the magazine and in 1999 founded Tattoo Life, an international publishing group specialised in publications dedicated to the art of tattooing and its fusion with fine art and street culture. The Group rapidly became a point of reference for tattoo enthusiasts and professionals alike, distinguishing itself with the highest quality standards, diversified contents and the international scope of the publications.

with Ami James during the London Tattoo Convention

15th Annual Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2019event organized by Taki Kitamura and Roman Enriquez, it is all about tattoo lovers helping other tattoo lovers to create a sense of family, and the result of this community-building approach is a beautiful atmosphere for talented tattoo artists and avid collectors to enjoy.15th Annual Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2019.

For 15 years now the organisers have been focusing their exclusive attention on tattoos, but there are plenty of other shows on the stage at the event, tattoo contests and concerts. At the same time, in halls around the location, tattoo artists are involved in conferences and seminars.

15th Annual Bay Area Tattoo Convention 2019

There is an exclusive public: all visitors are passionate about tattoo and the event is eagerly awaited from year to year, offering them an opportunity to admire so many talented artists in the flesh – but also to purchase gorgeous prints and, naturally, treat themselves to a tattoo of the highest level. We even saw people getting tattooed twice in the same day!Miki appears on models culture to inspire many young artist about tattoo

Miki appears on models culture to inspire many young artist about tattooing. Read and view more about Miki’s passion and art at  

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