The fashion and beauty industry is going through a radical transformation – Jason Linkow

The fashion and beauty industry is going through a radical transformation - Jason Linkow

New York – Jason’s career is a matrix of the three aspects: salon, editorial, and products related to beauty. He specialized in cutting and styling for over 20 years. Jason became a hairdresser to inspire and assist people through sharing in talent and creative communication. At the root of everything he do is the creation of a feelings. Feelings are what people actually remember from their experience, not technical perfection. “Don’t get me wrong, solid foundation and skills in your craft are very important, but without getting to the core of how the client or project needs to feel you haven’t completely achieved your goal.” Jason stated. He want to achieve in this industry a lot. Through his career path and actions he want to demonstrate that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. To demonstrate through action that we receive more when we share with our community and uplift people along the way!

A few years ago I decided to change everything in my career. After 20 years of doing hair in Denver, Colorado I decided to let all of it go and move to New York to pursue a new direction in hair design. I realized that so much of what I had achieved in the past was to please other people and it wasn’t 100% in alignment with what I needed. Committing myself full-time to a salon environment was blocking me from achieving greater things in the hair industry. It was a journey and process to let go of choosing to identify myself with hair brands or clients that I perceived to be my identity. What I know now is that I’m the brand. In the two years I’ve been in a New York I’ve done some amazing projects; editorial magazine covers, New York fashion week, add campaigns, tutorials, Broadway and award shows.

Hair Styled By Jason Linkow the Model @nyclavish

Jason shared his wisdom about the fashion industries of today. “I feel right now the fashion and beauty industry is going through a radical transformation. People who used to have power are losing it quickly and new ways of connecting with people is outpacing the old model and nobody knows where it’s going. The idea that a brand or Salon has any control over its employees or customers is dead and a trap. Internet and social media has changed everything. Salons can’t keep a lockdown on their client lists or clients ability to reach stylist if they move salons. Hair care lines are intentionally taking business from salons and moving it to their online portals to double their profits. It’s good for them and bad for you when I client takes a picture of a product and buys it online. Clothing lines are directly competing with the stores that sell their products. So my thoughts about surviving in today’s market is that you have to be willing to create your destiny. Embrace change and never take the path with no growth. Don’t wait for the projects to come your way, make them happen! Know your worth and be aware. We all needed someone to give us our first break, it’s very important to share along the journey and to uplift people through actions of sharing. The more we receive the greater the responsibility it is to share more light with the world.

Hair Styled by Jason Linkow the Model @nyclavish

Jason appeared in Models Culture Magazine issue 5 where he showcase some of his works including the above photos. Credits to his Team who works with him during the shoot such as Photograoher – Jonathan Fang @jsmoothfang Model – Chris Lavish @nyclavish Hair – Jason Linkow @hairbyjasonlinkow MUA – Sadhvi Babu @sadhvibabumakeup Jewelry – Erickson Beamon @ericksonbeamon Clothing – Showroom Seven @showroomseven

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