The TOP MODEL Finalists Revealed

How We Improved Our TOP MODELS In Each Cycle? Here are the Top 10 Finalist on Models Culture's Next Top Model - The Peoples Choice Edition.

London – 2021 is the year of believing anything is possible! People picked out their favourite models who are the inspiration we need when times are tough. The best part? These role models are just like you — passionate, driven, real people and ready to make a change. Models Culture’s Next Top Model – The people’s choice edition 2021.

An online cyclical competition where selected models from different nation compete for the honor of being Models Culture’s Next Top Model. Among them, maybe you did vote for your friend but the real score is that, you have voted as well to other contender, this because you find it almost all are very great. Want to learn more about them? here they are:

Brittney J Patterson @_brit_j

It’s no surprise the fantastic Brittney Patterson has made the top 10 list. She has been a role model. Brittney was named ‘Fierced’ in every set of her shoot. Since then she has walked for her passion as her journey in modeling turns great. Brittney has also spoken out against industry racism and the toil of her physical appearance. She expressed through an Instagram post that she’d fought her way through some truly dark times. Brittney’s inspirational story and continued success make it impossible not to love her! Final Voting will start on 16th December 2021.

Soufiane Belghmi @soufiane.belghmi

We won’t go as far as saying that top male model @soufiano created the hipster beard trend, but he certainly helped showcase it. That and his spectacular body built makes him an unconventional figure in the world of male modelling, where smooth faces and unmarked bodies tend to reign supreme.

It’s also helped this Morrocan male model who resides in Poland for 5 years now land major gigs with some clothing and brand with the most fashion photographer. While the very movements he helped inspire aren’t as culturally relevant as they once were, Soufiane continues to redefine fashion for the modern era—just ask his Instagram followers.

Yolanda Torres @leibar_

We love everything about @leibar ! From her to-die-for bushy brows to her amusing facial Features on Instagram. The spanish model made her name known after her curvaceous to pose her swimsuit. On her instagram showed Yolanda sauntering down her feed and loving every pose. “Many times we forget that we ourselves are the ones who mark the border between being alive or living.” she said on her Instagram. Yolanda or IG: Eluska Leibar is just another positive step in the right direction. Yolanda reminds us that even our role models are human too.

Asyraf Dasley @asyrafdasley01

Before he was one of the top model finalist, Malaysian-born Asyraf Dasley was a roofer, a fashion enthusiast named @asyraf, a multi-talented, a successful male model, and one of male endorser by products in malaysia. He landed modelling gigs with a slate of some clients, including @manscapit, and some local brands.

His career began couple of years ago and then took off in recently. Asyraf is a sportsperson as well who loved volleyball. He’s been a household name ever since. Whether he’s a famous male model or a male model who became famous is for you to decide, but either way, he’s on his way to be super famous.

Priscilla Pereira @pereira_19_89

One of our most stylish role models, @sil is the quirky model we’re all dying to be. Her curl bob meets mullet and insane sense of style makes her the perfect 2021 inspiration. Pereira’s unique look is highly sought after amongst the fashion photographers and creative directors.

She was discovered just like your neighborhood in Netherlands and gained an immediate following due to her curly tops at the time. Priscilla has shooted many conceptual idea by most of her photographers. Most recently she was working normally as normal citizen of netherlands and fashion became her daily thing.

Ly’teesha Letson @lyteesha_

What else you can say about lovely @lyteesha! From her simplicity to her amusing poses on Instagram. The plus-size American model made her name known after she signed for a modeling contract for this category of modeling industry. Lyteesha is just another positive step in the right direction. Lyteesha passion for fashion creates a strong personality of what really trully we are. That, aside from diversified nature of fashion nowadays, accepting oneself and acceptance on what really we can do to achieve goals in life is trully the thing to be called being successful one.

Rellu Myke @rellumyke

When not perfecting streetwear trends, @myke (aka Mr. Rellu Myke Model) is setting them, which is quite a feat given the fact that he’s just at his age. What’s even more impressive is Rellu’s ability to make outlandish fashion statements seem downright appealing, such as the cross-body bag trend, and apparels.

It’s then no surprise that the british male model has turned all the right heads and amassed his social media followers in very little time. This is what being a modern-day influencer is all about. Oh, and did we mention he’s been modeling quiet long time now? Yeah, this guy is going places and publsihed to many publications.

Katelyn Daniher @daniher1991

A Canadian tattoo and all-round Model, Katelyn Daniher @kiikii has been an icon within the tattoo and fashion industry couple of years. What makes her one of our 2021 Next Top Model? The fact that she’s killing it! Katelyn recently featured in the Models Culture Magazine, showing beauty and feeling sexy isn’t limited to a certain art group. Her Instagram feed is dedicated to loving herself, promoting her positive family values and living life to the fullest. Her energy is radiant and she looks incredible, it’s hard to believe this woman has ever had a bad day!

Dominic Chapman @dchapman86

Upending preconceived notions of what the hottest male models are supposed to look like, British Model @dom measures in at almost six tall with a 32″ waist. That makes him the ideal match for typical model, where he’s thrived by way of his “regular guy” persona.

Years ago, Dominic wouldn’t have been allowed near the studio, but nowadays, this top model has become a wildly successful signifier (and huge promoter) of masculinity positivity. Is he would be the most male model of all time? Not quite yet. But as cultural norms continue to change, he very well might get there, so we’re spreading the love.

Eszter Egeto @albatrosz_modell

The Next Brand Ambassador and 15-year-old Hungarian model @eszterer is one to watch. According to her Mother who managed Eszter career and all her social media, and residing in Ocsa, Eszter posts about her laid back lifestyle with her followers. The up-and-comer shares through her Instagram stories what it means to be authentic. Eszter has been open about her battle between her career and her Education. 

A huge advocate for making fashion a more diversified industry, Eszter’s description bar is usually a link to fashion of all ages and inclussions. Throughout her career, she has modelled for the likes of some magazines, and brands, including some professional photographer in fashion industry.

Don’t forget to vote on 16th December 2021 as Models Culture’s Next top model – the peoples choice edition is about to take off to another voting. Who will emerge the victor in this battle of Final Round? As Final Cycle (3) of Models Culture’s Next Top Model (MCNTM) poses towards its inevitable “Fashion & Colors” round. A cyclical competition where selected models from different nation compete for the honor of being Models Culture’s Next Top Model in the fashion culture. Cast your votes here!





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