Fashion means cultural, artistic and self-expression.

Model since 11 years, I created in 2018 my personal shopper company specializing in French high fashion, 90 Suits Paris.

Fashion is one of the best artistic expressions we have at our disposal. Through fashion and so through my style, I express who I am, where I come from and where I go. I believe that the way you dress is somehow a meaning of express your personality, your story and your dreams.

Violaine Frédérique Grainville

A good model wears trends well, but a great model sets them: that’s exactly what gives Violaine Frédérique Grainville the edge in a sea of razor-sharp cheekbones and toned torsos.

@violainefrederique on Models Culture, Image by Alexia Champenois

Translating runway trends into outfits you’d actually want to wear is Violaine’s modus operandi, so anyone with an ounce of sense should have their eyes narrowed in search of this soon-royalty on the future fashion week. She’s something of a women dress in that she looks just as good in her own way of dress choice as a well-dressed, but the thing you should really look to steal is her eye for details. Whether it’s a mix of fabrics, a clash of smart and casual or some statement accessories, Violaine’s a pro at the little things that take your outfit to the next level.

@violainefrederique on Models Culture Magazine

Idealist, humanist and feminist, I am a French model and personal shopper expert of Parisian high fashion. Originally from the French West Indies and living in Paris since 6 years, I am passionate about French haute couture as well as international fashion. Graduate of a Master in International Relations, I love to travel the world in order to discover the culture and fashion of each country. In my opinion, fashion is the greatest mean of cultural, artistic and self-expression.

@violainefrederique on Models Culture

Model since 11 years, I created in 2018 my personal shopper company specializing in French high fashion, 90 Suits Paris. More than shopping for my clients as a personal shopper, I am looking to sublimate the beauty and reveal the personality of every woman and every man I always dress with a Parisian touch of Paris, because the Parisian haute couture is so unique like every woman and man!

Violaine @violainefrederique appeared on Models Culture Magazine Issue 6. View this issue on magazine page or Download our free mobile app. For more featured fashion talents from around the globe, visit our social media profiles.





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