Why photography has become an obsession for Stephenson?

Australian man Glenn Stephenson is a walking wake-up call for all those men who think that perfect shots are the preserve of the young.

Australian man Glenn Stephenson is a walking wake-up call for all those men who think that perfect shots are the preserve of the young photography. At his age, photographer and passionate camera lover Stephenson has cultivated a wisdom enough to make many aspiring and young talents inspired.

As well as making the fashion industry sit up and take note of a more traditional ‘fashion photographer’, Stephenson has distilled his tips and tricks into his own photography and guide, so that the lensed eyed likes of us can inch closer to Australian god territory. And, as is afforded by having perfectly angled everything, Stephenson keeps it simple when it comes to shoot and still his works are great. Here Stephenson has to say:

‘Write a brief description of who you are…’ How do you sum up a life, a vision… a depth of feeling that inspires you to create? What is it that leads a person to that moment in time; to everything that was and everything that will be. To steer as far away as possible from a corny line to describe why a camera came into being in one’s life and to what purpose it serves is no easy task.

Cameras have always been a part of my life; from 110 film stock pocket cameras through to the DSLR/iPhone era of the modern day, a camera of some description or another has always been present. From growing up in Hong Kong and eventually moving to Australia, there was never any shortage of texture, moments and light.

With the ease of digital photographic equipment today, photography has become an obsession with many, including myself…but it’s more than the ease of being to create an image, it’s that intangible idea that time itself can be held in the palm of your hand. That insatiable need to create an image from the world around that inspires shows no abatement.

I wish to create and keep on creating. I wish to ‘preserve memory of people and places’ as ‘memory is what we are’- Nick Cave.

The journey to photography is a journey of life. Again… what is it that brings you to this place in space at this point in time; camera in hand with an insatiable need to preserve memory. In my recent history, I was inspired by a friend to invest in some pretty hefty photographic gear for my standards. I had reached a point in my life where I had a strong desire to create images to the high quality of that which I saw around me. I knew it wouldn’t come immediately, and in hindsight it has most certainly been a fantastic voyage.

That camera, that machine you hold in your hands becomes a passport, a ticket… a time machine into another world. It brings magical powers of capturing memory and time in the most beautiful fashion.

My journey has been one of convolution; shooting whatever I could, whenever I could, but is when I was asked by others to capture facets of their lives; that sacred deed of, for the shortest of times, holding time with your clients in the palm of your hand that I was truly humbled; families, brides and grooms, artists, models… people. That is the moment when you are truly seduced by the craft.

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