“Challenges feed me to pursue and work hard for self contentment”

PHILIPPINES - Ysab Ortiz brought himself to spotlight when he startup loving his passion in fashion modeling.

PHILIPPINES – Ysab Ortiz brought himself to spotlight when he startup loving his passion in fashion modeling. This 26 years old fashion model who believe of having an Old Soul because the experiences he encountered in Life made him so matured enough to be strong on challenges in life. Absolutely wise beyond his years. Ysab is the youngest of 9 siblings in his family and he is the only one who finished High School and Bachelors Degree with his self driven path by working for his education. He was a working student and an independent person at the age of Twelve. And have his degree in Financial Management. “I pursued my career as a secretary based in Middle East Riyadh Saudi Arabia,” Ysab stated. Modeling and photography are hobbies for him, that’s why he was able to continue his passion as a runway model with the help of Riyadh Association of Modern Fashion Artist based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. “Every rough patch I’ve endured was an experience that I’m thankful for. Challenges feed me for self-contentment, achieving is self-contentment and I love thunderstorms but I can’t live without sunshine and I find beauty in almost everything about this incredible world we live in…” Ysab added.

There’s nothing about talking to the fashion industry’s most male models about which we can complain. In the case of Ysab Ortiz, that conversation is so much more than just looking at a pretty attitude. Ysab’s prosperous modeling career, which started in 3 years ago, is still blossoming, but chances are you recognize that face — and those runway attitude. Not to mention, he proved himself to be a dark horse in his circles of models.

MC: What are the pros of being a model?

YSAB: The pros are that I get to meet a lot of friends. Also I travel just for a show or shoot. Other pros are having a lot of free time to do whatever I like. It also stays interesting because you are working with different crews all of the time, and you get to work with really great people.

MC: And the cons?

YSAB: I don’t like to tell a lot of people that I am a model because they automatically assume that I am an idiot. There is a lot of judgment and people tend to think that you are stupid or shallow. Also, there is a lot of waiting. You have to wait around and then rush to do something when you are told. And when you first start out you have to work for free a lot, which can be weird.

Ysab Ortiz appeared in Models Culture Magazine Issue 1 2019. Ysab can be contacted through his portfolio for future projects you may intend for.





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